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Cricket's Journey

A Morgan trail horse in training

cricket and diane
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This is my training journal for my horse, WGM Dixie's Rambln' Rose, aka "Cricket." She is a 2006 Morgan mare. She started out (with me)red chestnut, and spring of 2008 she shed out to a red liver with a red/yellow mane and tail. I have never trained a horse before, and I am using Natural Horsemanship techniques from John Lyons and Clinton Anderson. I am leaning more on the Clinton Anderson teachings, since he has the DVDs and it's easier for me to follow. I got Cricket in December of 2007, and all she knew was how to lead a little, pick up her feet, trailer and wear a halter. The day we met she "tasted" me - and she still likes to taste everything new! I am training her to ride western, and our main focus will be trail riding. There is a small fun show every April in Seguine, TX, put on by The Heart Of Texas Morgan Horse Club, that I would like to try to show her in, but showing is not a high priority! One of my goals is also to ride her in the Christmas Parade, with a Santa Hat and Jinglebells on her, promoting the Morgan breed.