Its The Little Things!


I rode with the saddle, we had a nice short session in the arena.  I cantered 1/4 around each way just to do it.  I kinda wet my pants the first way... she picked up the correct lead both directions, however the left lead (2nd direction) she did pin her ears back.  She stopped well both ways.

So I took her back to the barn and decided to ride her bareback back to the pen.  I didn't want to waste the ground by getting on in the arena, so I thought I'd try the ledge to the feed barn.

I had gotten on her with the saddle there, so...  she moved over, and I "threw" myself towards her.  She put her neck up and I could tell she was like WHAT?! and I didn't quite make it over her back, and she started to walk off.  I slid off, walked her back over, gave her a treat, and tried again.

This time, I landed correctly, with my hips over her back.  SHE DIDN'T MOVE!  I was able to scramble up and over and sit up!  WHEW!  And she didn't move!  I was so excited I yelled out WE DID IT!!  She turned her head back towards me and I was rubbing her and saying good girl, I think she was expecting a treat.  I can't remember if I gave her one... but I said Lets get out of here before we both hit our heads!  And as we walked out of the barn I yelled WOO HOO!!

HAH!  I felt so good!

She was so good for me...  all the way back, too.  One benefit of riding more, we re-establish our friendship bond.



October 26 or 27!  Nikki, Dana and ME.  HEYNE RANCH!   I hope she's ready!  She's been calmer, but...

And last night, bareback, I led Missy back to the pen.  The whole ride, even before the end, Cricket was calm...

I'm scared to go on the ride.  I know it's because of my ride on Cruise last year.  I haven't attempted a ride since then. I know it's Cricket, not Cruise, and it's not life threatening cliffs and rocks...   just scared.  I think I'll be alright.  The only "cliff" was down to the river, and we might not even take that same route.  And we did it before.  And I know a little more about "cliffs" now than I did before.  So really no reason to be scared.


Coming along

She is coming along.  She still gets nervous with another horse around, but it may just be that the horse is a stallion.  Not sure who Nikki will be riding when we go out, but she said Sunny is leaving for Arizona in a few weeks, so I know it won't be him.

Sunday with the saddle, in the arena, she didn't want to walk, so we jogged for... it seemed like 20 mins, but I really don't know how long it was.  I was posting the whole time, and she varied between roadster fast and english trot.  She was soaked, dripping, foaming, and POOPED.  When we finally stopped and walked again, she walked so nicely. HAHA.  But as soon as she started to jig again, - off we went!  This time just for a few mins.  Then I think she got the idea.  "Lets Just Walk."

My legs were extremely sore Monday.  And Tuesday.  But Tuesday I was able to go back, and put the bareback pad on her and we just walked and did footwork in the arena.  She was very good.  Then I took her back, but made her walk past the gate (one small crop whack) and then she was nervous.  More horses, and to make it even more scary, the roof on the shed corner was loose and flapping in the wind.  She did question me, but eventually we made it to the end of the lane, and the cow pasture gate was open.  But I didn;t make her go in there.  I stood her there for awhile, then we went back.  I got off before we got to her gate.  She actually was VERY GOOD overall.  I was happy with her.

So happy, I contacted Peter Heyne about riding over there at the ranch again....

We shall see.  She is still on the Calm, but I have the Springtime Daily Calm in hand.
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Lots of stress and frustration at the new place, mostly due to separation anxiety. Really getting old. I’ve been bringing Missy along, but its time to stop that. And Missy is being mischievous, causing trouble with the stallion Stoli lol.

So besides run up and touch the ball, I’m “transfering” some ground tricks to saddle. She already knows bow, so now working on yes and no. I think she’s almost got the no. So smart. I realized she just takes everything to the max, whether good or bad.


very emotional

Well, moved the horses to their new home yesterday.  Put them in the pasture, they went to eat the grass, and never looked back.  I felt like they would forget me.

Today after work, I stopped on my way home.  It was 5:15 when I got there, gave myself about a half hour to stay. Took my grooming tote, the flyspray and the stick.  Walked the "MILE" (not really) to the shed, realized I didn't have the halters. DUH.  Well, the round pen was kinda far from them anyway...

Almost there, they both looked up.  I waved.  Then they went back to eating.  But as I got closer, they looked again, and something must have been familiar.  It was actually Missy who whinnied - VERY LOUDLY!  She never has done THAT.  I said "HI GIRLS!" and then Cricket whinnied!!  Then she whinnied again!  That was nice :)

So I went into the pasture, and Cricket came to me first.  I gave her a treat.  Then Missy.  I started to spray Missy; she did not go away!!  Then I got Cricket.  SHE did not go away!  I pulled out the Scarlex and then Cricket tried to go away.  Had to bribe her with another treat.  But I got a good dose on her boo-boo, which is looking better.  She stayed still for it, too.

Then Missy came over and wanted me to pet her face.  <3  Then I had Cricket do some tricks, so I could give her another treat.  Then I gave Missy the last one.  Missy was just all in my zone, wanting me to stroke her and talk to her.   SHE NEVER DOES THAT.  I started crying!

I wonder if they thought I had abandoned them there?  And they were so glad to see me :)  Now they know I will be back.  They watched me leave.

It was so weird not to feed them.  Oh, and my fish was still happily digging in all the algae!  HE even looked happy!  But I was feeling very emotional, like a reverse homesickness.  But they haven't forgotten me.

So tomorrow I will remember the halters and maybe take Cricket down to the roundpen.



Its been too hot 😢 I’vegotten in some lunging and I rode today, but not until 7:30. And it was just walking down the road and back.


It is coming together!

Yesterday we got hay, so I moved some tack room stuff to the left side of the shed, and placed the panel gate across it all. Just to keep nosey horses out. Dave and I took down all the fence panels, too.

Today he dug up the high ground by the lattice corner, I hope its enough. I took the center fence panel out to open up the whole shed. Dave propped the center post a bit and tied it to a T post. I placed the panel gate across the left side and secured it to the center post. Now the whole shed is my tack room / hay storage !! Just like in my dreams!!

I bought a green hookover feeder for Cricket. I hope the ground is ok for them to install; Dave left the shovel in case they need it. Now all I have to make sure of is that the carport legs will line up on the center post the right way so I can still open the 4' gate. If not, I will move the panel gate to the inside of the carport legs and just move the whole thing when I need to get in, unless or until I can move the 4' gate.

OMGOSH, its just a little thing, but it is a big thing as far as my dreams moving forward and coming true!!!

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After ..??? how many years of dreamin' and plannin' and drawing, I realized I had enough money to actually BUY A CARPORT!

I'm gonna put it in front of the shed. Its 18' x 21'. So the sides will go against the front of the shed, and both ends will be open.

I'll be turning half the shed into hay storage, (FINALLY!) and the other half will be the tack room. Hopefully the carport roof will keep rain out of the corners. I'm leaving the lattice up.

Shannon and her husband are gonna help me with moving some dirt, moving the 4' gate to the tack room end , replacing the center post that is broken, and pulling up the two wooden fence posts, hopefully to use again. I will have to use the panel gate to fill in from the end of the lattice to the four foot gate, and I would like to use the wooden fence post, but I have 2 T posts, too.

I'm working on a bridle rack sorta thing, and I hope it all looks as nice as it does in my head!

The 18' will give them lots of air and shade, hopefully really cut down on the mud, and still keep them warm in the winter. I can see Cricket beside herself watching them put it up! haha!

Probably 4-6 weeks for delivery.