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I rode with the saddle, we had a nice short session in the arena.  I cantered 1/4 around each way just to do it.  I kinda wet my pants the first way... she picked up the correct lead both directions, however the left lead (2nd direction) she did pin her ears back.  She stopped well both ways.

So I took her back to the barn and decided to ride her bareback back to the pen.  I didn't want to waste the ground by getting on in the arena, so I thought I'd try the ledge to the feed barn.

I had gotten on her with the saddle there, so...  she moved over, and I "threw" myself towards her.  She put her neck up and I could tell she was like WHAT?! and I didn't quite make it over her back, and she started to walk off.  I slid off, walked her back over, gave her a treat, and tried again.

This time, I landed correctly, with my hips over her back.  SHE DIDN'T MOVE!  I was able to scramble up and over and sit up!  WHEW!  And she didn't move!  I was so excited I yelled out WE DID IT!!  She turned her head back towards me and I was rubbing her and saying good girl, I think she was expecting a treat.  I can't remember if I gave her one... but I said Lets get out of here before we both hit our heads!  And as we walked out of the barn I yelled WOO HOO!!

HAH!  I felt so good!

She was so good for me...  all the way back, too.  One benefit of riding more, we re-establish our friendship bond.

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