cricket and diane (cricketsjourney) wrote,
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October 26 or 27!  Nikki, Dana and ME.  HEYNE RANCH!   I hope she's ready!  She's been calmer, but...

And last night, bareback, I led Missy back to the pen.  The whole ride, even before the end, Cricket was calm...

I'm scared to go on the ride.  I know it's because of my ride on Cruise last year.  I haven't attempted a ride since then. I know it's Cricket, not Cruise, and it's not life threatening cliffs and rocks...   just scared.  I think I'll be alright.  The only "cliff" was down to the river, and we might not even take that same route.  And we did it before.  And I know a little more about "cliffs" now than I did before.  So really no reason to be scared.

Tags: new place

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