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It is coming together!

Yesterday we got hay, so I moved some tack room stuff to the left side of the shed, and placed the panel gate across it all. Just to keep nosey horses out. Dave and I took down all the fence panels, too.

Today he dug up the high ground by the lattice corner, I hope its enough. I took the center fence panel out to open up the whole shed. Dave propped the center post a bit and tied it to a T post. I placed the panel gate across the left side and secured it to the center post. Now the whole shed is my tack room / hay storage !! Just like in my dreams!!

I bought a green hookover feeder for Cricket. I hope the ground is ok for them to install; Dave left the shovel in case they need it. Now all I have to make sure of is that the carport legs will line up on the center post the right way so I can still open the 4' gate. If not, I will move the panel gate to the inside of the carport legs and just move the whole thing when I need to get in, unless or until I can move the 4' gate.

OMGOSH, its just a little thing, but it is a big thing as far as my dreams moving forward and coming true!!!

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