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After ..??? how many years of dreamin' and plannin' and drawing, I realized I had enough money to actually BUY A CARPORT!

I'm gonna put it in front of the shed. Its 18' x 21'. So the sides will go against the front of the shed, and both ends will be open.

I'll be turning half the shed into hay storage, (FINALLY!) and the other half will be the tack room. Hopefully the carport roof will keep rain out of the corners. I'm leaving the lattice up.

Shannon and her husband are gonna help me with moving some dirt, moving the 4' gate to the tack room end , replacing the center post that is broken, and pulling up the two wooden fence posts, hopefully to use again. I will have to use the panel gate to fill in from the end of the lattice to the four foot gate, and I would like to use the wooden fence post, but I have 2 T posts, too.

I'm working on a bridle rack sorta thing, and I hope it all looks as nice as it does in my head!

The 18' will give them lots of air and shade, hopefully really cut down on the mud, and still keep them warm in the winter. I can see Cricket beside herself watching them put it up! haha!

Probably 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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