cricket and diane (cricketsjourney) wrote,
cricket and diane

an hour ride

Went for an hour ride today.  It was something in the 80's and loooowwwww humidity, and a nice breeze.  We went down Anderson Rd.

I worked her over some poles and did some sidepassing and backing before we left, to start the barn sour treatment.  We got all the way to almost the cattle gate when suddenly Missy realized we were GONE and started whinnying.  We were upwind, so *I* couldn't hear it, but Cricket suddenly turned her head back and answered.  I looked back, and Missy was trotting to the fence.

So I turned her back to Anderson's mailbox, and made her go around it, head to the mailbox, and swinging her back end around.  Then we sidepassed, then we started off again.  I rested her just past the gate.

A little farther, then she started up again, so back we went to the mailbox.  Same thing, but this time I added figure 8 trotting circles.  And trotting down the road.  We got past the gate, to a good spot, then I rested her.  ALmost 5 mins.  When we started up again, she gave a half look behind her and then went on.  LOL.

I cantered her a little, but she was freakin' out about some round bales, so she was all crooked and probably cross-cantering.  So I stopped her, and we walked all the way to the end barn.  I saw two horses running in the pasture with the cows, (and so did she) so I trotted her to the pasture gate.  Two chestnuts came up, she wanted to sniff 'em, and the big blaze one came over to sniff.  She put her ears back a few times, then squealed and struck her right foot.  He never flinched. Then I turned her away and we left.

We went out in the field a bit, and I zig-zagged around some scary areas, and then back on the road.  We walked the rest of the way home, Missy met us at the fence.  The other pasture gate was open so we went thru and I took her into the 'arena.'

I wanted to canter her again.  I took her on the left lead, she fought me at first, but then she was good.  I felt the saddle sliding around, so I got off, tightened it, got back on (she moved over to the fence very nicely!!) and then we cantered on the right lead.  Well, I think she was still on the left, but we went around a few times, and she was pretty good.  Not totally relaxed, but she wasn't fighting me.  So I stopped her near the road, and got off there, and walked her back to the pasture.

I was thinking while we were out about sending her to Cece, wondering if she trains under saddle, and if not, if training to drive would help her under saddle.  Then she was good in the 'arena' so I think just working more with her will help...  I don't know anymore  :P

But she was a sweetie pie, and affectionate and just pretty good all around today.  Just a few "words between us" when she wanted to go back, and that was all.  I wish I had more time to ride!!


I love this picture of her !!                             

And this is a good shot of Missy          headshot 10-5-14        


                                                    The two are inseparable these days!!

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