cricket and diane (cricketsjourney) wrote,
cricket and diane

5 days in a row

Well, Crick-ette, we did it.  5 days in a row!  You survived.  Wed night at feeding time she was sleepin' and she looked a little tired, and yesterday she wasn't sure she wanted to come in, but I guess she figured apples and hay were worth it.  Although she did glare at me the whole way in from the pasture!!

So yesterday I cleaned and oiled my Simco saddle, and the squeakin' was MUCH better today!!  Still a little, but not a deafening roar!  She did really well, just a few protests, but overall very nice.  And when I took the saddle off, YAY!!  Sweat in all the right places!!!  WHEW!!!

So I oiled it some more and shined up the silver, oiled my bridle, cleaned and oiled my boots just for good measure, and brought the saddle and bridle home for safekeeping.  She will have "off" tomorrow.  Hopefully Dave will take some pictures of me on her for me, on Sunday.
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