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Worked her 3 days in a row.  I used my Simco saddle today.  Aside from the squeaking (it sounded like an army of footsoldiers marching in the snow) I think it worked well.  The seat didn't seem so small today HAHA.

Mrs Clements stopped to tell me how awful and embarrassed she felt about James saying I needed to pay some money.  Told me to forget about the incident and don't worry about paying anything any more until I can afford it.

She also said "you sure are faithful to that horse.  I like that."  Aww - that's cuz I LOVE her, Laurel!!

She started out bitchy, lazy and trying to scrape me off a little, but after 10 mins of jogging I think she got the idea that we weren't gonna stop any time soon!  I did stop, let her rest about 3 mins, then off again.  I think prob only 3-5 mins, not sure.  But she was starting to settle down.  She still remembers stick to the fence!  I think the next time will be awesome!

I plan to ride again tomorrow and friday, then give her Saturday off, then go for a trail ride on Sunday.  I'm gonna clean clean clean that Simco and then drown it in Neatsfoot Oil for a week!!  Hopefully that will soften in up and I can use it and not have to buy a new saddle.  Although I did find 2 that I really really like... just not sure the one I like more has stirrups that will shorten enough for me  :P

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