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Fun Trail Ride

Hot and humid today, still windy, but not gale force like Tuesday!  But dammit, we were gonna ride !!!   Christian had the fence across the driveway and it was open into the big pasture, so we went in there for an experiment.  I wanted her to go into the "terrain" and see how she would do.

She was great!!  I think it says a lot about her confidence level that she went forward - even though she had been in that pasture before and crossed the creek, it has been over a year, maybe more, and there was no lead horse for her to follow this time.

So we went around this treacherous looking pile of deadfall, which we had to squeeze between on the ground to get through.   The squeeze part is behind the log in the back.  There were rocks on one side and the log on the other.
Then we went UP the hill - not a biggie, but with me on her.  It is much steeper than it looks here.

Then we went between the trees here (and she was GREAT! standing still for me to take pictures!!)

Then we went down this trail, which dropped down even more, to follow along the creek.  I didn't get a picture here, it was very narrow and I could feel her tension.  I stopped her and had her yield her HQs to the right, so we faced the creek, and that's how we turned around.  COOL, HUH !!

This is the view of the "valley" from the bridge on the road.  It's kinda hard to get the depth perception, but you can see it's tangled.  The bridge is just out of sight on the bottom left corner of the picture.  The left middle is where we were standing in the picture above.

After we did this, we went to the cornfields, trotted and even cantered!  She was great!  On the way back we went thru the ditch (had to get off and lead her thru a few times first), then we came home.  I went back into the pasture to take the pictures, and I cantered her thru to the first picture.  What a slow and relaxed canter!  It was great !!!

When we got back to our pasture, WE NEGOTIATED THE GATE!!!  IT WAS AWESOME!!   My left hand never left the gate!!!!  I was so proud of her !!

I (I think WE) had a great time today!

She was very lathered under her blanket so I hosed her off.   Then she rolled, on both sides  :)

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