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A pretty brave girl. And some trotting.

Ok, "Operation Tone-Up" has begun.  For Cricket, and for me!  There is a long flat track between the two corn fields that is great for trotting and cantering, so we're going to be in that field a lot.  Plus, if I can get there 3 times a week at least, as the corn is growing up, maybe she will be desensitized to it and when it gets taller than her ears, she won't be so spooked to ride through it.   We're going to trot as much as possible to muscle her up, improve her fitness, and help her lose that fat.  And, it will help my legs and butt, maybe my core, and as I noticed last night that I was extremely tense, help me loosen up and relax in the saddle.  Also, as she trots more out in the open, maybe she will find her slower, more comfortable gait, and do that more often than her road trot!!   After she gets super comfortable trotting, then we'll start cantering.  Same deal: after we canter all the time, maybe she'll relax, slow down, and I won't have the fear that she's going to run off with me and I won't be able to control her, or she's gonna buck.

So anyway, last night we made the loop, and coming back I decided to go down Albert's drive to the other pasture, because he had the driveway lined with round bales.  Both sides.  She was a little tense.  I could feel her like a spring by the time we exited out at the pasture gate!  I let her relax, then we went back in.   Sneaky, she figured out it was hay, and walked real close to the left hand row, and grabbed a bite as we went by.   haha.

Then I took her off the driveway into the grass and the trees, and rode her UP the steep bank to the road.  I grabbed her mane in the middle of her neck and pulled myself forward, and she was GREAT!  She hit the road jogging, and kept jogging, so I had to bring her back.  Then when we got to "Tulsa's" driveway, I turned her into the grass and rode her in the "valley" between the road bank and the fence yard.  Before we got to the trees and the creek, I turned her UP the steep bank, and she 'climbed' up to the road.  All very good!!  I was very pleased with her.

THEN I stopped her at my car, and I knew the trunk was not closed tight, so I had her side pass to the trunk, and I lifted it up and took out the hay bag.  She had a bite  ;)   I wrapped the rope around the horn and had the bag hanging off, banging her on the shoulder and upper left leg, as we went into the pasture.  She was a little confused, and once turned around and took another bite.  But it went well.  And when I rode her into the pen, I had her stop and I tossed the bag in front of her.  She thought that meant GO EAT and started towards it  lol. 

I think she did super.


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