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Trail Ride? Training Field Trip!

Started out as "I need a nice quiet relaxing ride."  Well, didn't even really START that way... she was a complete BRAT.  So I left the training halter on her and wrapped the lunge around the saddle horn, and carried the carrot stick.

She didn't want to "go"  ??  I had to get tough, and she finally gave in.  After we crossed the (left) bridge, she was fine.  On the way back, I decided to show her the ditch again.  I got off, and did some sending past the ditch, between me and the bank.  She was a little spooky, and raced through, but we did it several times, both ways.  Then I went into the ditch, and had her come in.  She hesitated, swayed both directions as if looking for another way out, then stepped in and jumped out the other side.  YAY!

I praised her and made her do it again, and again, then the other direction, then again.  Then I got on and she went right thru with me on her !!  YAY!!  That was cool  :)

Then we're walking home, riding past the last house on the right before the bridge.  The family was having a get together, lots of people in the yard, sitting, standing, talking, little kids... they were waving, so I waved back.  Then Cricket saw Albert on his tractor in the field across the creek and just stopped dead.  ???  I mean DEAD.  She wouldn't budge.  And all those people were still looking at us.  I mean, we were still RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR YARD. 

*sigh*  So I got off, unravelled the lunge, and started sending her up and down the bank on the side of the road (no water, and not really that steep, just enough to be annoying to her).  I did that about 5 sends, then got back on.  Still she wouldn't budge.

So I got off again, and did it some more, both ways.  Then I got on, and FINALLY she went forward.   have no idea if Albert was out of sight, if he had been gone the first time I got back on or not;  but she went, and we went over the bridge and got home, no problems.

WHY oh why, is she ALWAYS a butt in front of people??!!  lol  They probably thought I was showing off or something...   grrrr.


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