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Two New Experiences

Went for a ride this morning; left at 9:23, got back at 10:25.

Went to the left, over the creek (bridge? PSHAW!!) she was looking at EVERYTHING.  But not in a nervous way.  Ears up, loose rein, not minding the D snaffle at all.  Wanted to turn right into the little field, but made her go a little way more and turn left to the BIG field. lol

I wanted to ride to the other end of the field, where it came out on CR 315.  We did.  However, there was no easy access to the road.  Instead, to our right, was a shallow drainage ditch that emptied into a deep drainage ditch that ran alongside the road.  So in order for us to get on the road, we would have to cross that deep ditch.  Or ride down the field and see if there was an access road.

Well, the shallow ditch wasn't too steep, and it rose out of a flat area in the field.  So I thought lets ride thru it, and up the steep bank to the road.  But first, I wanted her to try some banks.  We have never had banks of any height before.  Since this was in the field, I knew there wasn't any trash (bottles, cans) and it would be a safe "learning" place.

I headed her towards a gentle sloping down bank, and after a few hems and haws, she went down.  She ran out the other side.  But that's ok, she did it, and she didn't fall. lol

I tried to head her UP but she didn't really want to do that.  That's when I tried to steer her THRU.  She was ok, until we came upon an empty cat food bag.  She walked AROUND it, and in doing that, came up a bank which was too steep for her to go back down.  *sigh*  I tried it twice, both times she sidestepped the bag and "came out" of the ditch.

Ok, well, now I know next time I'll bring her halter and "outback" lead and we'll have some lessons.

New Experience #1.

We headed back the same way we came in, and she wanted to trot.  Just saying WALK!! wasn't working so good today, so I had to get "Clinton Anderson" on her.  Every time she broke into a trot, I made her stop, and back up.  Then I asked her to move on again.  I think we did that five times before she relaxed and walked for a long period.  (We walked the entire ride - I just didn't feel like anything faster).  Then she started up again when we got closer to the road, and I had to back her up two times before she quit and just walked.  I guess that's not too bad.  And if anyone was watching, there was no "horse abuse" going on at all.

When we got on the road, I saw the drainage ditch on the other side, right next to the access path to the "little field"  It has a small amount of water in it, mostly algae, and some bricks damming up the one end next to the people's yard.  HMMM.  WATER.  In a little ditch.   So I took her on the access road, turned her toward the ditch, and tried to get her to go.  UH-uh, MOM.

So I got off, and did some sending.  WOW, she went down the little bank, touched the muddy algae, and JUMPED up the other side!!  HAHA!  I told her WHAT  A GOOD GIRL !!!  I rubbed her and made her go back down.  This side wasn't as nice to go down, but she went "in" and hopped out the other side.  YAY!!  She was snorty !!  Then I asked one more time, and this time was a little calmer, she sniffed, and didn't jump out the other side.  So I patted her and praised her and got back on, and down the road we went.

New Experience #2.

COOL !!  Oh yeah, and when we were in the grass, right before I asked her to go in the ditch, a bunny jumped out from under her.  Like she almost stepped on it, under her.  She just looked at it  :)  Guess she thought it was a cat.  Poor bunny was so scared - HE went over the ditch, lol, up on the road, across the road and thru the neighbor's yard.  SO CUTE !  She just watched it go.

All in all, I think she was pretty good.  Very calm, very relaxed, and I didn't feel like I was "on guard" the whole time.  Yeah, we just walked, but who cares.  I just want to ride !!  She fussed with the bit when I was fussing at her for stuff; other than that, she was quiet.  The D is pretty big !!  And the cheeks come up enough to give pressure, so it should be very familiar to her, without the extra extensions sticking out waiting to hang up on stuff. 

Gosh, it was getting hot by the time I left !!!  It wasn't even 12 yet.  At least the humidity is down.  Maybe we'll ride again tonite??

Oh, I think she needs another adjustment.  She was walking a little rough.  But after she negotiated New Experience #2, she seemed a little better.


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