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Field Trips

(John, I replied to your comment on my video post)  Yesterday I went out in the AM and took her on a 'road trip' - we went down the County Road almost all the way to 441.  She wanted to walk in the grass, so I let her, where I could see there was no trash.  She was a little 'scarey' at the silos, but that was it.  We turned around at the gate at the end of the open field, next to the cotton field. (I measured it later in the car, it was .6 miles from the driveway).  On the way back, I saw an opening in the cornfield, but we had to go in a ditch to get there.  The ditch was muddy and all I thought was sinking in the muck, or jumping, and I wasn't really in the mood for either of those.  So we kept walking.  Then we came to the silos again, and she kept looking at the fences, so I turned her in there.  She stopped dead when she spied the bulldozer just sitting there...  I let her stand, and rubbed her, but then I kind of made some "C" circles so she could look at it from all angles.  It must have worked, because we went forward and out the other gate with no problems.  She never took her eyes off it, but she walked calmly back to the road.

Then I saw another break in the corn, with a road to a camper/trailer.  No ditch, so I walked her into that.  She eyeballed the corn waving in the wind, but she didn't act up.  I rested her for a few mins, then walked out and back to the road.  We made it home no problems.

Tonite we went down the dead end dirt road.  ALL THE WAY down!  I had no idea it was so long - I'll bet almost a mile!  We trotted several places, and as we got closer to the end, she had an awesome road trot going - I'll bet she looked beautiful!  I didn't fuss about her speed, she kept it constant, and she wasn't running off with me, so I just let her go. 

At the end of the road, was a gorgeous QH stallion!  He whinnied and she just stopped dead in her tracks! LOL!  She must be in heat... she gave me a little resistance when I turned her to leave, but she wasn't disobedient.  She stopped a few times, but then she gave in and we got on down the road.  We trotted some more, and she had her nice slow trot on again.  We stopped to listen to the cows, heard a quail, saw a bunny, and just feel the breeze.

I really think she had a good time!

She wasn't too sweaty, so I didn't hose her off.  She was pretty hungry for her dinner, though.

Oh, she's backing up and fighting me again with putting in the bit... once it's in, she drops her head, but... argh.

I'm going to have to do the concentrated training in the AM - it's been over 105 the past few days.  It just takes your energy away, even though it's "cooling down" to 92 by 7 PM.  JEESH. 

I'm planning on working some more on the cantering, and sticking to the fence, and then we'll move on to the next lesson.

I think she thinks she's always to walk next to a fence - she gravitates towards the pasture fences along the road!!  That's fine with me, as long as there is no trash or holes...


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Jun. 25th, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)
Fighting the bit
I've found that when a horse fight the bit I can do two things. Fist, the drop the head exercise. Place pressure with thumb and forefinger at the poll and when she drops her head release. Do this several times until she is good at it. Then, try placing the bit in her mouth and, especially if she drops her head before you put the crown piece over her ear, take it out again. Do this several times before you fasten the chin strap. See if that helps.
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    I've found that when a horse fight the bit I can do two things. Fist, the drop the head exercise. Place pressure with thumb and forefinger at the poll and when she drops her head release. Do this…
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