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Training: Wet Saddle Blankets

Clinton Anderson says the three things that make good horses are:  long rides, wet saddle blankets and concentrated training.  Each one on its own doesn't cut it; you need all three.  Tonite (18th, Thursday) we had wet saddle blankets.

I had planned to practice picking up the canter quickly, and then going around a few times without breaking.  We got the jogging down - - she does a nice slow trot that is easy to sit, and it seems to be a natural speed for her, so I'm happy with that.  She could go all day on that.  We made several rounds and she didn't break.  She was even getting the concept of sticking to the fence.

Cantering was another story.  She wasn't taking off in a burst of speed, but she was running into it.  I kept stopping her and trying to start again.  Towards the end she was much better, but she didn't want to go around more than once, or one and a half times.  She kept stopping where she wanted to.  And it was those "on a dime" stops...  she even stopped in the corner I rested her in at the jog, and turned her head into the corner, and was ready to camp out!  That was kinda funny, but, no.

So after about 15 mins of starting and stopping and fussing, I thought we'd better do some jogging and then quit.  That part was good, but when I wanted her to just WALK, she kept breaking into a trot.  So after about 4 of these, I said "Ok, you want to trot... then let's trot"  and I made her go around about 2 more times.  THEN when I asked her to walk, she walked.

That added about 5 more mins to the workout, and she was sweaty.  And icky.  So I decided to hose her off.  Heck, I even got wet and didn't care!!  It was getting dark fast, seems like it's already almost sundown completely by 8:30 now, so I had to hurry.  I finished her off with some absorbine on her leg and back and withers.  She started dancing, so I knew it was "kicking in" and I let her off the lead.

She did some bucking bronco back rounded hops, and ran around, rubbed her butt on the shed, and then rolled.  It was funny!

All my equipment was nasty, so I had to rinse it off.

All in all, even though she was not in the mood, I think it was a good lesson.


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