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May 25th, 2020

New Saddle

New saddle arrived Thurs 5-21-2020.  All I had time to do was look at it!  It is beatiful!   Took pictures on the saddle rack, eyeballed the width.  It seems to be wide enough, but so scared...

Tried it on Friday —  seems good.  Had Nicole estimate.  She ran her hand under the pad, said there was plenty of room at shoulder.  YAY!  Did a quick walk around, she adjusted my stirrups for me.  I made the right one 1 hole longer than left.  Dees for breast collar are higher, so prob won’t need my wither strap. 

Didnt get another opportunity to ride until Sunday.  Got my flank cinch set Saturday.  A lot lighter than I expected, so I will oil it, and its very rough looking.  But it fits, on the last hole!  

Have to make sure it is forward enough.  Cantle very high and holds me in, but not claustrophobic.  Fenders close contact, makes me feel I’m on my bareback pad.  Cricket didn’t even seem to notice anything different.  WHEW!  Walked and jogged, able to post, saddle felt secure.  Sweat marks look good to me.

So excited!

(How do I add photos?  they are in scrapbook in Tack album.)


Test of Old Version

I don't  like the new posting style.

And I just bought a cantle bag.  Same company that made my saddle bags, but got it in navy cuz it was DC'd and 50% off!  So horse holster, horn bag and cantle bag are navy, saddle bags sparkly purple.  Coulda bought black but that was full price.  I figured oh well, I was using that gross green one...  well, I was going to.   It will be fine.



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