November 24th, 2019


Birthday Trail Ride!

Tied as best birthday ever ;) 

Started off kinda scary, the temp was down and it was windy.  The cremello was loping around, lunging himself, and Cricket went from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye.  She walking like she's dead behind me then she's 3 feet in the air, tail flagged, kicking out, running in circles around me.  JEESH.  It took forever to get to the barn!

She's all excited.  But she loaded without the other door open!  GRADUATION!  She just walked right in!  And then moved over to her spot so I could close the slant.

Rebel came.  First time he was ridding in a year, and he broke loose TWICE while trying to load him.  We were ALL apprehensive about having him along.


But once we got there, everyone was perfect.  Cricket was calm, I got on with the stirrup, got to use my new gear (! YEAH !) and she walked off like it was no big deal.  But then, she seemed to be taking care of Rebel.

She kept looking back for him, and stopping herself to wait for him to catch up (he walked like molasses).  If we were on the R side of him, she was fine, but if we were on the L side, she kept swinging her butt towards him, and I was afraid she was gonna kick.  She never did, but I was afraid,  If we were in single file, and she was #2 (and even #1 for awhile!!!) she was good.   It was just if she got out of single file, and saw him, she fussed over him.  Like she was trying to reassure him.

We saw TWENTY armadillos!  They are super noisy when they run into the brush.  Cricket startled at the first 5 or so, then she kinda figured it out there was nothing to fear.  One even ran alongside of us, and she took a GOOOOD LOOOOK at it, haha.  After that, rustling in the brush didn't even phase her.

We jogged a bit, she kept it kinda slow - nice!  I didn't get the chance to canter.  We were afraid of holes in the fields b/c of the dillos.

But she has been very good.  I want to wean her off the calm stuff, but not sure when...

Next ride we may go back to Heyne, and may not be until Jan since Dec is busy for everyone (and Dana is getting married Dec 14).  I've invited Barb Freisenhahn to come, and maybe Esther.  I think Dave would like to come, but he's afraid Missy will die.