November 15th, 2019



Going on ANOTHER trail ride tomorrow!  I asked Nikki to ride on my birthday, and it has turned into a group thing tomorrow, with the option to ALSO go to Brackenridge just me and her next weekend, for my birthday!

And, I am buying stuff...  bought the wither strap a few weeks ago so I can use that tomorrow, but also bought a horn bag a few days ago (not here yet) which is insulated so I can take food.  My saddle bags  that I have had as long as Cricket are a mess - the vinyl lining has decayed and ripped.  I was going to fix them, but it's so much effort... and I don't like the straps...  blah.  Was easier to buy something else.

So I decided on the horn bag, insulated.  Bought an expensive-r one from a reputable brand so it should last forever.  Then I was looking at other cantle bags, even though the green one is still in good shape.  Found a black one from Cashell that has an extra pocket specifically for a jacket/raincoat.  I like it.  Then found clearance saddle bags from Trail Max/Outfitters (well made, super reputation) so I bought them.  Can still use my cantle bag with that, so may not buy the cantle bag.  And added a curb strap that was not leather and not chain, and not expensive.  All will be here next week.

Very excited! Butterflies already!  Just a little concerned about how wet everything will be.

We'll see how it goes!

Oh and Outfitters has a very nice western D twisted snaffle - it's floral engraved!  But it's almost $80.  But so I know where to find it again, if I so decide lol.