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September 20th, 2009

Sunday. Lazy. Humid. Lots of Love.

I haven't really done anything new with her for awhile, and I keep forgetting what I want to review.  But I did decide I want to take her on walks again, so when we can saddle up, I can walk her somewhere besides in the pasture.

So I took her down the road past the silos.  She was good.  After we passed them, I went half of the distance we rode the first time and turned around. It had started to thunder and the wind picked up.

She was good on the way back, walking a little too fast, but slowing down when I reminded her.  Then she saw the culvert on the gravel road to the camper.  SCARY.  She bowed out towards me, not on me, but onto the road, and started the big nostril thing.  I pushed her back onto the grass and made her keep moving.  We got past it and she was fine.

I wanted to sit on her bareback again.  I was hoping that since we have cantered, and done bending and all kinds of other exercises where my legs are on her, she wouldn't buck me.  And I was going to be ready, and one rein bend her head around if she started anything.  I thought I would get on from the trough in her paddock pen, but then I thought I should get on from the round pen fence, using the lesson I taught her.  (I thought I had posted about it, but I can't find it.  I think it was in June.  I sit on the top of the panel and bump her nose up with the lead rope, and she is supposed to side pass over to the fence, and put her head near my feet, so I can get on her from the fence if I want to).

I haven't done this since I taught her, and I"m pretty sure it was in June.  Maybe the end of May, I"m not sure, but Dave was there with me when I first started it, and he remembers it being awhile back, probably in June.  So I really didn't know what to expect from her.

I climbed up on the panel, bumped her nose ONE TIME and she ZIPS right over to the fence, in perfect position!!!!!!  I was AMAZED!!  I rubbed her and praised her and laughed!!  OMG, she is such a great horse!!!!

So I put my leg over her, rubbed her, did all those things, but I was afraid to get on.  *sigh*  I'm such a chicken.  What I did do, was holding on to the panel, and keeping my feet on the panel, I rested my butt on her back, like she was a stool.  Just for a few seconds.  She was eyeballing me, I could see her eye looking at me, and I know she wanted to move away from the fence, but she didn't.  So I laughed, rubbed her and got off her.

When I hit the ground, I just hugged her and rubbed her all over.  I said "come on, lets get your dinner" and she moved off with me like she understood what I said.  (She probably did!)

I felt like I got a good cardio walk out of this, too. HAHA.  But I really should walk her every day if I can, because I want to be able to GO somewhere when we can ride again, even if all we do is walk.  I'm also seriously considering riding her in the training halter, with the two reins attached.  Like a bosal.  But probably not the first couple times out.  I'm still scared she's gonna take off with me.

Albert opened up the big tree pasture for her the other day, so I don't have to put her out in the BIG pasture now.  I still don't think there is any grass in there.  :(  But she likes the tree.   When I went out today, she was on the ground, snoozing next to the crummy hay bale.  She was all sweaty and dirt caked.  She is so cute  :)


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